May 14, 2014

Mexico Achievements


The release of Mexico Districts 1-3 bring 14 new achievements to the game. Below is a review of each one and how to get it. Most of them are self explanatory and the ones that aren’t mirror the ones we saw in South Africa so there shouldn’t be much of a learning curve. Like South Africa, the first achievement is currency related but this time it’s a little different. In South Africa you needed to deposit 1,000,000 Rand into the bank and due to the banking capacity it got put on hold until the bank could be fully upgraded and that wasn’t until Districts 5 and 5 were released. I don’t know if this is a bug but this time you will get the achievement if you have 1,000,000 Pesos on hand. In fact depositing them subtracts from the achievement tally so something may be wrong. This still isn’t easy to do so it will still be a challenge but it won’t be impossible prior to the release of new districts. The bonus with Mexico achievements is that many of them give +2 skill points instead of the standard +1.

peso1 apeso peso2
In theory, if you participated in the pre-release event, all your Crew-D Gestures counted towards the Crew-Al Intention achievement and it should be there once you arrive to Mexico for the first time.  If you got less than 200 Crew-D Gestures it may or may not be there. You also get +2 skill points for this achievement.
acrew2 acrew crew2 I don’t really know what’s up with this achievement. I have one account that didn’t participate in the pre-release event and it had the achievement. The account shown below hasn’t even been touched since Mexico was released and it has 69 out of 200. If you are short you need to populate your queue and add members to the Crew slots.
Next up is the Luch-Adore achievement. This type of achievement caused a lot of questions in South Africa because each attack doesn’t count. The achievement states that you need to win 10,000 fights but it doesn’t tell you that Power and batched attacks only count as 1 fight. If you want to get it faster, don’t use the Power Attack button or set your scripts so that batch attacks aren’t performed. If you fight with power and batched attacks on then I found (for my settings and my account) that I would get credit for 20 fights for about every 1,000 fights. This achievement also gives +2 skill points.
fightach afight afight2 The Rabado Blind achievement requires that you rob 5,000 times. Unlike the fight achievement, it’s explanation can be taken at face value. The only thing you need to remember for this achievement is that you have to rob in Mexico and that’s not very fun or strategic. If you wait for more players to upgrade their properties the ratios may be a little better than they are now.
arob2 arob arob3 The next batches of achievements are related to mastery in Districts 1-3. You get the Oro Digger once you Ruby master District 1, the Frontera Crosser for District 2 and the Desierto Sting for District 3. Each one of these achievements pays out +2 skill points.
The Ariba-Ariba achievements are earned when you have all bronze levels of Districts 1-3 mastered, then all the silver levels, then gold then ruby. The bronze, silver and gold achievements only pay +1 skill points but the ruby pays +2.
The last group of achievements are related to the Boss Fights. Once you kill a district boss 15 times you get the related achievement and +2 skill points. Thanks to Jo Gilliam and Elina Khetagurova for the screen shots below as I'm no where near getting these.


  1. I'm done with ruby level in D1 but have only gotten 9 bosses. Do they appear after you complete a district so you can get the boss achievements?

  2. The diablo mode is frustrating. I'm finding I'm wasting half of the 'boost' due to only being able to do 3 or 4 jobs per energy bar!

  3. The bosses do appear even after you complete a district. I've finished all the bosses, but it was after each district was complete.


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