May 14, 2014

Tornado Special Contribution Item: Save The Day


Once again Zynga is teaming up with Direct Relief to raise money for the victims of recent tornados in Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi. All we need to do to help is purchase a Save The Day and 100% of Zynga’s calculated earnings (not Facebook’s…those greedy bastards!) will go to support the cause. Yesterday I posted that this item was for a High Rollers’ Pack update but I was wrong [1]. I’m going to stop guessing what Marketplace loot is for! To read more about the charity, go here.



  1. Zynga should do a bit better. Do not mistake me if this sounds wrong this is not what I want to mean. Since Z want us to spend some money to purchase those Direct relief items at least give them better stats. It is good on attack but worthless in defense. I can spend much less to buy a crate with similar stats, (and here is where I may sound wrong) Why since I am not American to spend money for USA purposes ?
    Helping people is the cause and this has nothing to do with country religion race etc. But Z has to "convince" players from all around the world who may think why to spend money in an item that does not worth much in the game, for an American purpose.

  2. Give your money to Zynga so that they can give it to Direct Relief and look good, even though they're bad, and quietly deduct the contribution (of your money) from their taxable income? (You're buying loot. They're donating the money.) If players want to be "direct", they can just go to and donate to them.. directly.


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