May 14, 2014

Daily Fix Bug: Fixed But Not Forgotten


Yesterday the loot for the Daily Fix was updated and players were eager to get their first batch of Flame-Ons [1]. Unfortunately those who had a robbing task of any kind got hosed. They could rob all day and nothing would register. The good news is the bug appears to be fixed and all robbing tasks worked fine. The bad news is the unlucky players of yesterday have to look at a red X for 27 days and they missed out on the rewards. Those who could contact Customer Support were compensated with rewards (to include reward points) and some with progress as well.



  1. you mean the ones who pay to play got progression the rest of us get screwed as we have no way of contacting them unless you pay them

    1. and thank goodness that there are folks that pay to play or the game would be GONE!
      Kathie E

    2. i disagree. i think as many who pay have helped the game as have hurt the game.
      yes, help keep it alive financially. but also, tend to run other players away from the game. (remember this is an opinion, based on what i have seen and heard)
      the number of players will eventually get to 90% who pay (and their alternate accounts), 7% who keep going after years and years, and 3% of a rotating new player base and returning and re-quitting player base.
      and yes, the non-paying ones unable to contact customer support did get screwed.

  2. Actually, I was one of the unlucky ones, until I posted about it on Facebook and then magically I was allowed to get the rewards 2 times, of course having to complete my task (rob 2 times in London) 2 more times. It was a strange day to say the least.

  3. It happen to me thanks Zygna!


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