May 23, 2014

Buzz Craft


Because there isn’t enough begging already going on, Zynga presents us with a time constricted mega begging event called Buzz Craft. They should call it Buzz Kill because it totally caters to the bots. If you think Buzz Craft looks familiar, click your home banner module over 7 spots and you will see it again where it's called Crafter's Choice!  I’m busy today and tomorrow and won’t be online to play this event. I have 2 options. One would be to ignore the event and miss out on the loot and the other would be to run my favorite fully automated script for the next 2 days, steal all the requests and jam up Zynga’s servers with as many calls as possible. I haven’t decided but since the event only lasts 2 days and you can only ask for parts every 8 hours I’ve already got a late start. The bots will get most of the requests and those trying to get them manually or using non-automated scanners, good luck with that! This event also explains the 4 mystery items we showed to yesterday and means we will probably see 3 more rounds of this crap [1]. The in-game instructions and a walkthrough written by Zynga is provided below. The original can be found here.


Buzz Craft - FAQ

Fri May 23 03:25:06 EDT 2014

Q: What is Buzz Craft?
Buzz Craft is a limited-time event where you can choose to Build or Upgrade an amazing new item by collecting Mettle Mayhems from Feeds.

Q: For how long will the feature be available?
Buzz Craft will be available for a period of 2 days (From May 23rd Midnight Pacific Time to May 24th 2014 23:59 Pacific Time)

Q: How do I collect Mettle Mayhem? What are the daily limits?
You need Mettle Mayhem to be able to Build and (or) upgrade Shadow Reaper in Buzz Craft. You can ask your friends for Mettle Mayhem through feed posts using the Ask button.
You can earn up to 15 parts per day by having your friends click on your feeds. A single unique Feed post can get you a maximum of 5 parts and you can post a feed every 8 hours.
In addition, you can earn up to 9 parts per day by clicking on your friends' ask Feeds (Maximum of 3 parts per unique feed).

Apart from the above, you can also earn up to 5 parts from friends every time you post an Upgrade Feed and up to maximum of 3 parts a day (1 per unique feed) by clicking on friends’ Upgrade Feeds.
The daily limit timers reset at 00:00:00 AM Pacific Time.


Once you have at least 5 parts (Mettle Mayhem), you can start Building or Upgrading Shadow Reaper in Buzz Craft.
Please note: You cannot purchase Mettle Mayhem using Reward Points.

Q: How do I build Shadow Reaper from Buzz Craft?
Using the available parts in your account, you can both Upgrade Shadow Reaper to a higher mastery (Silver or Gold) OR Build the item on its current level (which is shown on the home page module).’
Once you click on Build or Upgrade, you will receive an in-game confirmation.
Building Shadow Reaper:

Upgrading the Shadow Reaper to the next level:

Q: Can I upgrade an item which I have already built?
A: No, an item once built cannot be upgraded. Please upgrade the item before you build it to receive them in your inventory.
Upgrading one item does not automatically Upgrade the previously built items.
You will not be able to Upgrade the item if you have Built it 6 times.

Q: How many times can I build in this event? What are the mastery levels of Shadow Reaper and part requirement?
You can build up to a maximum of 6 times. Below are the part requirements:

Q: Will I be able to use any unused parts (Mettle Mayhem) for a next season?
No, all unused parts will be removed from your Inventory once the event ends.

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  1. when will they ever get rid of the 8 hour timers they suck I like the every two hours at least we all have a chance on completing the events then. If u miss out on one of the 8 hours your screwed at least 2 hours there is no rushing back in time to do it.


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