May 23, 2014

Lucky Streak 9: No Spin For You!


UPDATE: If you refresh your game a free spin will be waiting. We are also told we will get 10 free spins so the enthusiasm is back. Thanks to an anonymous comment for the good news.

The 9th season of the Lucky Streak is now available. A lot of time has passed since the 8th season and I think Zynga hoped we would forget what Free Spins are. We haven’t and perhaps the free spins will come later but for whatever reason there are none today. If we aren’t going to get any free spins then this is a non-event reserved only for those who spend money on loot and that’s ok. It’s one more second of free time the rest of us will have accumulate over the next 10 days. If you are still interested in this event, go here to see the loot and view a post with a little more enthusiasm over this event.



  1. Click on Lucky Streak, no spin. Leave game, return to Lucky Streak, free spin available.

  2. Yes. You get free spin. No need to leave game. Just refresh and after all the other crappy pop ups vanish, your free spin is there.

  3. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Remember this and practice often when dealing with Facebook and Zynga.

  4. I received a free spin this morning from lucky spins. Hope others did as well.

  5. I got a free spin. I also love the soup-nazi Seinfeld reference, very nice!


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