May 22, 2014

VIP Survey & Rewards


Some (not many) non-VIP subscribers got a chance to take a survey and get 2 free loot items. The Mary River Turtle was added to their inventory and if they took a survey they will get a Jurist in about a week. VIP subscribers only got a Mary River Turtle. Both the Mary River Turtle and the Jurist are old Marketplace items from last year. The popup says ‘Mary River Turtles’ on top of the stats but there is only one turtle to be had. If Zynga wants more players to join the VIP Membership Program then they need to stop pulling crap like this! The cost not justifying the benefits, asking players to let Facebook manage a monthly deduction from any type of financial account as well as the uncertainty of the games longevity could be a few reasons many opt to cancel their subscriptions or not try them at all. If loot wasn’t refreshed so often in the game, VIP loot would be more valuable and more would desire it. I highly doubt a survey is needed to enlighten the powers than be to the obvious. There are probably more players quitting each day than signing up. Thanks to Ravi Agarwal and Rusty Carr for the screen shots and posting on our fan page.

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