Apr 28, 2014

Welcome Back Notification Gift: 2 Kamikazes


The notification gift for the day is 2 Kamikazes. These links will be added to the pinned post on our fan page once they are available (times vary). If you still aren’t getting notifications for these gifts or the links don’t work, go here for instructions on how to adjust your settings. Even if your settings were adjusted, you may need to redo it. Once I did, I had to wait 14 days before I started receiving them. For a list of all the possible daily notification gifts, go here.



  1. I got the two Kamikazes from your link but my request link was for FLAME SNORTER 182/256 (I can't upload the image here, so I will message you the picture)

  2. That is an older one(a few days ago). It shows up in the App Center for all players and some also get it in the notifications.

  3. hmmm interesting, i check every day.


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