Apr 28, 2014

The Queen’s Eye & Mexico


Four days ago the loot items for the current Family Business Mission were added to the inventory [1]. What seemed different at the time was a consumable item called the Queen’s Eye which was listed right below the items. Family Business is now underway and those who have completed it never once saw a Queen’s Eye. I figured Zynga was going to replace the useful loot drops in the Family Business Mission with a consumable so that nobody would gain too many points on their attack or defense skills. This wasn’t the case and old Stranger’s Swag items are still dropping from some tasks [1]. This leaves the question of what could the Queen’s Eye be for? There are some theories out there and they all involved the next destination. The Queen’s Eye is the name of a cave in Chihuahua, Mexico which contains giant crystals [1]. Could we see another pre-release event like the Dust To Diamonds for South Africa and the Lord Over London for London? Another theory is that this item could be for a event honoring the closing of one of the current destinations. The Queen’s Eye does have a London vibe to it.



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