Apr 28, 2014

How To Get The Bonus District to Unlock


Since the introduction of the Bonus District, Joburg, players have reported that it’s difficult to open. The rules of the Bonus District dictate that it will randomly open while doing any job in South Africa a maximum of 5 times per day. Many (including me) found that while jobs were unmastered, Joburg dropped boom, boom boom, one right after the other. Because of this we recommended the best strategy would be to finish the 2 Joburg jobs for each district prior to ruby mastery. This takes both patience and will power and many couldn’t do it. Those who planned on mastering the Bonus District jobs at a later time found it rather difficult because it doesn’t always open. Fast forward to last week when Zynga introduced the Groot Finale! achievement there is all of a sudden a renewed interest in the Bonus District [1]. Now many players are having issues getting it to open.  Below are some tips and tricks that may or may not work but if you are having this issue, it can’t hurt to try.


If you are running scripts while you sleep, the Bonus District could come and go 5 times without you knowing about it. If your trying to get this thing to open it’s best to play manually at the reset time or the first time you play for the day. Many find the Bonus District is more likely to open right after the reset time. If you aren’t sure when that is, look at your Family Progression timer.
The next thing that may help players low on energy is to do stamina jobs. They too will unlock the Bonus District. Another bonus of doing it this way is that your energy will be available to actually perform the jobs in the Bonus District once it unlocks. District 10 has 3 jobs which can be done with stamina.
I’m not sure if this plays a role but some claim that if they activate their Job Crew bonuses that the Bonus District seems to unlock. I guess the logic is that Zynga doesn’t want you to have the option to double your mastery in the Bonus District.
Once you unlock the Bonus District, you probably want to make some progress. The best thing you can do is to be prepared. Have plenty of 2X Mastery Boosts on hand, make sure you have an available Energy Pack and other bonuses and utilize the Strategist bonus if you can. Asking your mafia for help can also come in handy but I found it only works on the Bronze and Silver Levels. Use the links below for more details on these topics. Each drop of the Bonus District only lasts for 15 minutes so you need to get as much done as possible in the little time available.

Another thing you can do to be prepared is to make sure you have the required consumables ahead of time. I would defeat the purpose of unlocking the Bonus District if you had to go farm loot. Of the 20 jobs in Joburg, 19 of them require consumables. Use the links below to see how many you need. To quickly assess how many you have, use the Inventory Grouper or click the tracker if you have the Spockholm Toolbar. All South Africa consumables except for the Flash Bang are needed in the Bonus District.

All 20 jobs of the Bonus District are shown below. The energy requirements will vary between accounts and are based on your level. Comparatively they are less than most of the other districts in South Africa.  jo1 jo2 jo3 jo4 jo5 jo6 jo7
You will earn the 4 No Smoke Without A Fire achievements for mastering the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby levels of jobs 1-6 and the Groot Finale achievement for mastering the Ruby level of jobs 7-20. It’s not a very fair distribution especially when you factor in that the No Smoke Without A Fire came with extra skill points to boot [1].

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