Apr 28, 2014

Family Business Season 3 Walkthrough


The 3rd Season of the Family Business is now available. It plays out just like the runs just like the last 2 seasons. There are 5 Tiers each with a Might (Energy) and a Muscle (Stamina) Path. The number of objectives in each of the 10 parts corresponds to it’s tier. Tier 1 paths have 1 objective each and Tier 5 paths have 5 objectives each bringing the total to 30 objectives. The number of tasks in each objective depends on the number of members in the family. Families with less members will have lower requirements than those with more members. The rewards also correspond to family size so the more tasks you have to do the greater the rewards will be. To be eligible to contribute you must be in your current family for at least 24 hours prior to the release of the event. All 30 parts of this Mission and the rewards are shown below. The event lasts for 10 days and there will be 3 days after that to collect your rewards.
The basic in game instructions are found by clicking the help mark on the banner. There is also a link to the Customer Support FAQ that provides more details but it hasn't been updated since the 2nd family Business [1].
famb2The 5 tiers, 10 parts and 30 objectives for this Mission are listed below. Please note the family used for this only has 8 members. Larger families will have the same tasks but different numbers will be required.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
There are a total of 15 jobs in the Might Path and they are listed below. Jobs requiring consumables have them shown below the job image. A chart with all the consumables required and where to get them can be found here.

Tier 1
Tier 2
job2job2a job3
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
There are several opportunities to grab some old Stranger’s Swag loot. If these items are helpful then it may be some incentive to help.
In addition to the rewards consisting of loot, power ups, reward points and skill points you also get Family Experience.  A family with 8 members gets 12,800 for each of the 30 objectives and a family with 101 members gets 69,600. 
For a comparison of the Tier 5 Might Path, the image below is from a family with 100 members.
Once you collect the last Mission, you also get a large Family Experience bonus, 5 reward points and a mastery item called the Sock Mouth. The highest possible Family Experience reward is 300,000.
The Kin Point Leaderboard is back on the Home Page and it contains all family members. Kin Points don’t get you anything but bragging rights. If your family quickly blows through the Mission then some will find it’s over before they even get a chance to start so this isn’t really a good monitor for slackers. This leaderboard is also skewed because whoever is doing damage in the Arena on the 5th tier will blow the competition away [1]. I really wish Zynga would have a leaderboard format like this for Family Progression. How awesome would it be to see what all family members have done for the day?
Once the final reward is collected, the banner on the Home Page and the Mission page disappear but the Kin Leaderboard remains.
Many thanks to Jo Gilliam for adding my mini to her mini family and helping me knock this out so our readers can be prepared and to the {ASS} Family for getting this knocked out. It took longer that the previous 2 events. We both found the game to be buggy with the addition of this Mission. Expect many half page loads and other weird things on the Mission page. If the half page loads drive you crazy, use the Full Page Spocklet.


  1. Why can't I collect some of the tasks that get completed?

    1. I have same issue. Muscle path to tier 8 completed, working on tier 9, but can't collect 5,6,7 & 8...what gives?

  2. there are only 5 tiers on each side. once you complete all tasks in that tier, you collect.
    it spoiled us some when tier 1 had one task to then collect and tier 2 had two tasks then collect. you have to complete 3 jobs in tier 3, then collect. complete 4 jobs in tier 4, then collect.
    if your account is still showing open jobs, then that tier isn't done.
    if the jobs are all done for that tier and you can't collect, try sending zynga a mental message.


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