Apr 29, 2014

Unbound And Unrepentant: Mexico Pre-Release Event


Yesterday we predicted there would be a pre-release event for Mexico and today this has been confirmed [1]. We got the item wrong but it’s not Rocket Science to predict Zynga’s next move. The Unbound And Unrepentant works just like the events we saw before the release of South Africa and London. We just did this in August so there shouldn’t be a learning curve. A walkthrough for this event is below.

The help mark provides the same information as the landing page. Instead of taking Savanna by Storm like last time, we are Crossing Over for the Perfect Getaway. pre4
To get to this page again, a “New Location” was added to the top of the Travel Bar. pre5You will find the “Ask” and “Invite” buttons as well as trackers for the items we need to collect. Where to get them is also listed. peso1 The “Ask” button will generate requests for Pesomystics. You can ask once every 8 hours and each request will yield 10 Pesomystics. You can earn 20 by clicking on the feeds of others so you only need to ask 2 times per day. peso3peso2 These requests show up in the Feed Limits tab on the Stream Scanner. You can filter them out by using the search feature. I typed peso into the search bar and selected ‘Link Text’.
pre8 This requests are capped so you may need to click on a bunch before you can get 20. Since all players can generate a request every 8 hours they should be plentiful.
peso4 The 'Invite' button will take you to the Crew-D Gesture Send page. You won't find these on the Free Gift Page but you can use the Gift Blaster or click on the 'Invite' button from the game. Accept them in the ZMC.
pre7 pre10
To easily send these gifts, use the Gift Blaster and choose Crew-D Gestures.
To save clicks, use the Gift Collector. The bad news is accepting these gifts even though you don’t earn anything (by your mafia members do) is they count towards your limit of 250. before taking this image, I accepted 52 of them and they applied.
The important thing to note about these items is that accepting them doesn’t mean you get them. You only get Crew-D Gestures when others accept your gift so you have to send them. Each Crew-D Gesture that you accept will either add 1 to your friends tally or it will be a waste of time if they have already earned 30 for the day.
Both Pesomystics and Crew-D Gestures also drop from Jobs and Fights. You can earn 20 Pesomystics and 20 Crew-D gestures from any job in Brazil, Chicago, London or South Africa to include the 3 stamina jobs in District 10. The Lockpick Crew Bonus applies to Crew D-Gestures but not for Pesomystics.
These items don’t appear to drop very well in New York. Doing a 306 job run in Tier 2 got me nothing but in Tier 9 I did manage to earn about 2 Pesomystics.
You can earn up to 25 Pesomystics and Crew-D Gestures from fights in any destination.
Collecting Pesomystics and Crew-D Gestures are the only thing required for this event.  
pre2 pre3 To see if Pesomystics even help you, use the Show Worst Items Spocklet and look at the attack armor category. If the number is less than 226, it will help. Any Pesomystics you earn during this event won’t be added to your inventory so if the item is useful now it may not be once Mexico is here.
pre9 Collecting Pesomystics will earn you currency for Mexico, the ‘New Location’. At this time we don’t know if it will be valuable or not. If it’s hard to get then it’s worth collecting these items even if they don’t help you. From the name of the loot and the location one would guess that Pesos will be the currency in Mexico. We already had these in Cuba so it will be interesting to see all the Pesos Zynga stole from us will be returned.
You can get up to 80 Pesomystics a day as listed in the chart below.

Pesomystics Daily Limit
Asking From Feeds 20
Helping From Feeds 20
Jobs 20
Fights 20

Collecting Crew-D gestures will earn you mastery towards another loot item called the Rico Kill. The item will be added once Mexico is released.

You can get up to 80 Crew-D Gestures per day as listed in the chart below.

Crew-D Gestures Daily Limit
Crew Requests (Free Gifts) 30
Jobs 25
Fights 25
There is a mastery item attached to the Crew-D Gesture Challenge.  You will only get to keep the highest one achieved.
pre16 pre17
As you progress through the levels of mastery, I’m not sure if this image will change like it did in South Africa and London but since Zynga coded the image link, it’s safe to say it will. Last time the code was cracked and we were able to show the images before anyone mastered the event. This time Zynga went all out and added a ton of numbers and letters so it won’t be as easy. UPDATE: The 2nd image is shown below. We can expect 3 more to follow.


  1. I have a major glitch - the Crew-d Gestures I collected from ZMC aren't showing up on my chart (or in the inventory listing). I contacted Support, but people may want to watch to see if they're getting credit.

  2. US$ from New York weren't allowed in Vegas. So different countries' pesos should not be allowed either. More interesting will be to learn if the Cuba bribery penalty is brought back.

  3. yesterday i completed all the requirements for GOLD and didn't get it.. anyone else have the problem?


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