Apr 29, 2014

Family Business Consumable Chart


The 3rd Family Business Mission is not as user friendly or enjoyable as the previous 2. The Might Path is brutal and families that don’t prepare may find they are unable to finish in time. Gone are the days of sitting back and blending in while your family members get these jobs done. There are a total of 15 jobs and 8 of them require consumables. Of these 8, 4 of them require loot drops so you will need to do many more jobs than are listed as the required items don’t drop at a rate of 100%. Below is a chart of the 8 required consumables for this Mission and it would be wise to start farming and making sure that all members participate.

Incriminating Documents [0/0]
Power Ups [0/0]
Microchip [0/0]
Beer Barrel [0/0]
3 per Job
Drop Required
Confidential Records [0/0]
Local Informant [0/0]
Drop Required
Mediator [0/0]
2 per Job
Drop Required
Tested Pyn [0/0]
Drop Required
South Africa/D3

As you can see the number of required jobs or loot drops can get up there for larger families. My family currently has 100 members and we needed to loot 2,716 Severance Packages from Zynga’s favorite job “Host Happy Hours on Board”. This job requires 3 Beer Barrels per click and the drop rate of Severance Packages was about 30-50% which meant that many of those Beer Barrels were wasted. Assuming the drop rate of Severance Packages was 40%, it would take about 11,407 Beer Barrels for a full family to get this job done! 
If you don’t farm ahead of time, remember that the Repeat Job Spocklet automatically does consumable fetching. If the job you are running requires consumables and you run out, it will go to the job that produces consumables to get one (or 3) and then it will return to the required job. Once I ran out of my consumables, I found this the easiest way to proceed.


  1. The muscle path isn't any better. I checked and didn't have any trenched to kill and now my inventory shows I have 34 yet path shows my contribution as being 30. And yes before you ask I have refreshed my page several times and still no change so it is clearly not allocating every one I have received in arena to the contribution being made.

  2. I didn't have fun the first 2 times we had this event. Farming consumables is nice in theory if Zynga would tell us what we would need ahead of time. While the event is going on all my energy is going to doing the jobs and I farm only when I have to. I don't have the energy to go farm AND do the jobs all at once. That script is nice too but its mainly for people with big energy. I can only do some of these jobs 4 or 5 times and I am out of energy and have to level. Zynga could pick jobs with no consumables or less energy needed.

    1. This is why families should have a diverse group with different types of accounts. Sure it would be great if Zynga told us ahead of time but they don't. I do these blog posts and speed ahead with reward points and mini accounts to provide some warning.

    2. Not blaming you here. What families should have and what they do have are 2 different things. I wish I could have a perfect full family of diverse players. But I have what I have and you know what, I wouldn't change that for anything because I have been playing with these people for years. I want Zynga to change, and yes I know they won't but thats why the game will end.

  3. Thought you said layers love these Family Business events? Funny how you change your mind on a dime soo often.

    BTW, it's a little late to start farming ahead for the consumables, don't you think?

    1. Zynga changes things on a dime so each event is different. Large families do love these events because of the family exp rewards and they haven't been difficult but now they are so yes I changed my mind but will still be happy to add all the family exp. It's not to late to farm consumables if your family works together and plans ahead. At least our site provides some warning unlike others who just show the first mission as copying/pasting banners and server images is enough for them. We like to provide all the details.

    2. The problem is all your details aren't ALWAYS accurate and changing your mind soo often misleads and confuses your readers. Not to mention the constant ridiculing and snide comments of/to others. Don't you think that these others are simply trying to show things from their perspectives as opposed to yours, which is from a big time money spender that too many players can't do what you can? Just saying.

    3. Of course they aren't ALWAYS accurate. That is why we have comments and a fan page so we can be corrected if mistakes are made. This is a community effort and not just mine. I doubt readers want a view from someone who doesn't know strategy and can't show what's coming. These posts are also used to let players know what is expected and if they can't do it they can save time, effort and resources because they won't need to figure it out for themselves. I give back what I get. Sure people can have different perspectives but when they insult me over it then it's fair game. I'm not a big money spender for my account but I do spend for this blog. Our guidelines show players how to do things without spending. Do you think anyone would be reading if we only showed the banners and copy/pasted Zyngas instructions? This is a family event so you can have up to 100 other players doing it. If your family can't but you want to finish it then you need to join a new family. Just saying, whining and crying about the difficulty level does not make for good reading. Offering solutions and workarounds does. Money does need to be spent to figure some of these things out but once the information is shared, only the one sharing it had to go through the expense.

    4. OMG! Anonymous idiot, you are here criticizing a blog that gives more information than we get in the game AND chastising someone who changes their mind when circumstances change????
      It's comments like yours that bring on the snide comments!
      I've been reading for years. I don't always agree, but it isn't MY opinion nor my blog, so I don't bash what is written but I will come in with a different viewpoint if I feel like it. And the blog author is kind enough to accept opposing ideas, imagine that!
      It's a GAME, play it how you want and quit trying to :poop: on the MWLL.

    5. OMG, this guy is hilarious, he just made a post saying that this conversation was brought to his attention. As if we didn't know he started it. What a pathetic sole. He is so jealous of our site it's not even funny.

    6. That's what Trolls and Losers do, don't let it get to you and don't pay it any attention. He is probably wacking off in his basement because you replied to his garbarage. Ignore the petty and jealous haters they will get bored.

  4. Not every family is full of "specialty" accounts. Ours has never managed to get the energy tier done. As usual, Zynga caters to the families who don't play by the rules that Zynga puts forth and penalizes the Families who do.It's very disheartening. As for having the energy for farming consumables? Get real.

    1. If you follow the strategies we have been posting for years one of them would be to join a family that fits your needs. If you don't care about competing events than this isn't an issue. If you do then it would be time to join a new family.

    2. our family has no specialty accounts at the moment and 18 members. The energy path is the hardest for us, but we did manage to complete it the last time with a day left

    3. If we follow your strategies there would only be money spenders left in this game. All 2000 of you.

    4. Why should anyone change families to suit Zynga and their ridiculous demands on us. I'm happy in my family. other people are happy in their families. Thats 1 reason recruiting is very difficult. Does that mean we don't want to finish things? Of course not. We do want to finish everything and we do finish, but instead of players bending over backwards and making changes that wont make them happy, how about if Zynga looked at these events and made them more fun and less work. A game shouldn't be a job. I agree some of these events are very disheartening and I don't have time to farm, no one in my family does. Zynga should pay more attention to how the game is now, and not make events that are not fun and too much work.

  5. Seriously, why am I being attacked for posting a list of the consumables required. No where does it say you have to do this Mission but if you want to then the information is there. This post has quite a few views so it obviously helped someone. Sounds to me like some people don't want us to post what they can't. We don't mind sharing you know.

    1. You're awesome and for every one person whining there's hundreds who appreciate you!! Thank you for everything you do for the MW community!! :) xx

    2. Jen - you should stop responding to the individual idiot. If the idiot minority can't see the value add you provide here, then they should be ignored altogether. I know the vast majority of your readers get it. We don't have to spend a dime to complete these events, often because of the information you provide. If the complainers can't complete these events, then it's because they are noobies, rely too much on kamis, or they just don't get the game strategy.

  6. First of all a big THANK YOU for all the information you provide us to help us prepare as much as possible for these sometimes impossible seeming tasks. Just wanted to mention that the ices in South Africa are not being counted correctly. I have so far today gotten more than 150 ices in South Africa, of which only half are showing up for the family business event. Frustrating when things don't work the way they are supposed to... wait, what am I saying, this is exactly how Zynga wants it to work :P

  7. oh my goodness Jen is trying to help if u dont like it then go away and dont come to the blog all this moaning we never finish it we cant do it learn to play the game then sheesh
    Jen thank you for taking the time to do this i had already worked out was gonna need them barrels from the last two times

  8. So many negative players who want instant gratification and no challenge. What the hell would they all have done when the game first started and we had to wait for everything?

    My family does not have specialty nor VIP players. We try our best and don't give up.

    What is it that others would rather DO in the game? Finish the secret district? Get all the pennants? Depending on your family and time management, you know what you need to do.

    Please quit whining so much and accusing others of unfair advantages just because they built their character different or play with a different strategy. The only ones you should direct your anger at are Zynga, IMO.

  9. I don't blame you for not telling us what consumables we need ahead of time. I just wish Zynga would tell us. I don't think people are attacking you but to say people should join a new family or get more diverse people is a bit flippant.A lot of people are happy in the family they have spent years in or if they are the GM or GF of course they won't just change families. As far as getting diverse players, recruiting is not so easy anymore. My family gets it done but is a ton of work and very time consuming and stressful.We have never enjoyed this event and maybe large families have, I wouldn't personally know, all I know is from my perspective these events have never been fun and I don't personally know anyone who thinks they are fun.Most comments I have read talk about how much work and stress they are. If people respond negatively it is because they feel like their opinions are not being considered and only big families matter. There are way more of us in small-med families than there are in the large ones. I appreciate the chart even if it depressed me seeing whats coming, I had to look. That's not your fault. I think it would be better if Zynga considered other factors and realized how hard this event is and the realities of the game as it is today.

  10. Gee I think this event has bugs...my family has completed a task and their is no collect button, even though all tasks before that one are completed and collected, and tasks after it are open.

  11. ^^ you can't collect until ALL the tasks are done for that tier.

    Each tier has more tasks. There are 5 energy and 5 stamina tiers.The easy way to tell what tier you're on is to look at the right side of the box where it tells you the rewards.

    I think it was 1 task in tier 1, 2 tasks in tier 2, 3 in 3, etc. Which is probably why you got used to having a collect button after finishing a task.

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    #1 Main, Daily Players (58 Members)
    #2 Part Time, Social Players (25 Members)
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  13. I think the Loot Lady has done a great job in helping fellow MW players get information about the game. I think Zynga has failed us and there seems no end in sight. My question to the Loot Lady is simple: who the hell is running the ship over there at Zynga? Is there a certain programmer or manager that runs this specific game? I ask because at one time I thought I read where you guys were giving feedback and advice to them about the game. It seems Zynga either does the opposite of what is needed or nothing at all. Why do you think that is the case? Is MW not important enough to warrant customer feedback? The game that I loved and played for years is now gone and for the life of me I can't figure out why. This game had 20 million people playing it at one time and now Zynga just lumps it with "other games" in it's metrics. I know every game has a limited shelf life but the fall from grace has been very steep in my opinion. Damn shame too

  14. To the anonymous 18 family leader. Why doesn't your family amalgamate your whole family with another family. Helps both ways then. We have 65 in our family and in the same boat. I agree it's hard to invite new members and those who do come on board tend to expect you to be at the game 24 - 7. I've asked smaller families if they would like to bring their whole family and join, but they are very reluctant to do so.
    I also agree that this site is the best informative Mafia Wars site around.
    There are plenty of ways to tweak how you play the game in less time. It's taken our family a long time to get the right combination to speed things up.
    Remember this. The best weapons and items in the game, are the ones you get at the end of each district you do. Not the ones you get from missions or buy. Otherwise it would be pointless doing the districts. It's the backbone of the game, not missions. Not finishing a mission isn't going to stop you from getting ahead in the game.


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