Apr 29, 2014

Family Crest Event 11 or Killer Instinct 3 Coming Soon


Items for the next Arena mastery event have been added to the inventory. In the past, the options for these items were either an individual mastery event or a family mastery event. The individual events turned into the Killer Instinct events in which Crests could no longer be gained from Private Arenas [1]. We haven’t had a Family Inheritance Event since January and I’m wondering if Zynga is going to change this one as well as some were using modified scripts to earn more Crests via Private Arenas [1]. Whatever we end up with, the mastery item is Make It Rain.


1 comment:

  1. I just can't deal with this unless they wait to start it after the family event is over. But 2 family events in a row would be a little annoying too.


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