Apr 29, 2014

Challenge Mission: Bangkok Coming Soon


Loot items for the 12th Challenge Mission have been added to the inventory. This one will be in Bangkok and we will be collecting Jade Switches while we are busy also collecting items for the Mexico Pre-Release Event!

These are the job images for Chapters 1, 2 and 3 which should be a blast from the past during the Bangkok days of Mafia Wars.cm3 cm4
The loot rewards are nice but the best thing about Challenge Missions are the 12 skill points you can earn from mastering them.cm6 cm7


  1. I don't mind these events I guess although I don't like doing all the different activities so much. but I really hope that they wait to start it

  2. Geesh alike there's not enough going on now as it is!! ty for the info :)

  3. If nothing else is going on this event is just ok. I really don't like having to rob and do the Arena and fight and all since I don't typically do every 1 of those daily. But for them to even think of bringing this event out when players need their resources for other things in the fam event makes me think they have no clue or think we will spend a ton of money to do it all.


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