Apr 3, 2011

ZMC Agent by Team Spockholm


Here is the last review of the latest bookmarklets by Spockholm Mafia Tools. Sometimes these guys are harder to keep up with than Zynga! I appreciate all the help I get from Martin, Pistol Pete and Eike. By allowing me to beta test and ask a bunch of stupid questions, I'm able to write these instructions. Stay tuned for a sneak peak of yet another great bookmarklet that helps us enjoy and play Mafia Wars. ZMC Agent is a bookmarklet that will open all your requests located in the Zynga Message Center. Follow the instructions below to start using it today.

1. Go to the Spockholm Mafia Tools Experimental Page and locate ZMC Agent. I would post the bookmarklet here but Team Spockholm has servers to pay for and they need your traffic!
2.  Click, drag and drop ZMC Agent into your bookmarklet toolbar.
3.  Go to your Mafia Wars game and click on ZMC Agent once to unframe the game and a second time to activate the program. You will see all of your available gifts in the box marked "Items I want to Keep".
4.  Move the items into the boxes that suite your needs. To move items, left click on the image and drag to the appropriate box.
There are a total of 3 boxes to choose from.
Items I want to keep: These items will not be opened or removed.
Items I want to open: These items will be opened.
Items I want to ignore: These items will be removed.
In the example below, I pretended that the gifting event was still active and saved those items to open at a later time. I moved the items I wanted into the open box and the useless items into the ignore box.
5.  Once everything is moved around, click "Start" and wait for the ZMC Agent to open your gifts. It will say "Finished" after "Next Link" when it's finished.
6. To return gifts, make sure you don't select "Close" and scroll to where the opened gifts are showing.
7.  Select "Close" when you are satisfied that all your gifts were returned and go about your business.

Use JGrabAllGifts to open up all of your Facebook requests and gifting won't be such a time consuming chore.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. I love these bookmarklets!!!!

    Is there one that opens all the safes we get in exchange for a Crime Spree? I must have 100's backed up....

    Is there one that opens all the "Victory can be Yours" posts at the same time?

    I just don't want to miss anything....thanks!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the info. I love this site. Y'all keep us in-the-know. Spock-ON :D --D.Owen

  3. Love you jen and spookholm too

  4. I just use the Free Gifts Center in FB Mafia Wars Addon. It evens automatically sends gifts back so only 1 click per item!

  5. I came across this a few days ago. I appreciate all of the bookmarklets that Spockholm Mafia Tools provide for us. They make the game so much easier. Unfortunately, this is one that doesn't work very well. I've had it work successfully maybe twice the last 15 or so times I've attempted to use it.

    Hopefully they'll be able to get it to work better.

  6. been a reader of your work for a while.. just wanted to thank you for the info and support you give to the game ..i feel you need to down play the use of scripts that go beyond game play or do more than click for you i think .. say more about what scripts are acceptable,, to the point they can be.. and what scripts and or links that can get people in trouble.. what you do is a valuable service.. what you represent is getting bad press..yall know what can get people in trouble. IE rolled back banned what ever.. work with zynga to stop that kind of stuff.. using a script to click for you is not the same as finding a loop hole to get RPs or whatever it is.. if spock is true to what they do,explaining that difference makes sense..this game is dying we have to revive it to keep it going.. and the perception of scripts is not helping.. i do over 10,000 stam a day manual because i like watching people trying to hit me back .. thats called playing the game.. not letting a comp do it..so sorry so long .. zynga limigized scripts to a point,, make that point clear

  7. I ried left clicking the gift to move it but it does not drop in the category. Is this because I use the Greasemonkey fbmw addon? How can I get ot to work? Also I tried clicking on the zmc agent to unframe mw and it didn't work. I had to unframe mw manually. Please help...

  8. ╠3☠☠╣Vampire.{STP}November 21, 2011 at 1:32 AM

    Same thing happened to me as well, you may need to unframe first then click ZMC Agent. But works fine and very easy to use. Thanks for this. Just hope a fix comes for linkanator other wise the game will slow down way too much and if they keep rolling new stuff out there wont be enough hours in the day.:-)

  9. Fantastic! I did need to unframe first with Unframe-MW but that's no big deal. Thank you for getting this information out to us, as always. You rock, no doubt!


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