Jan 24, 2011

Time Capsules


The gift links to Time Capsules are still working so if you need the Suit Up or want another one, look for 5 of them a day. You can also send your own to your mafia members and hope they send you one back or create a gift link to post in the news feeds.
To send a Time Capsule, click on the link below.  The link was posted by Michael Voelzow on the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page.  If you are the creator of this link, please comment and you will be given full credit. Voelzow recommends that you bookmark it so you don't have to go searching for it whenever the mood strikes to send a Time Capsule.
You can also create your own gift link by following the steps HERE or going to Hvedeknoppens Link Service 
and using the bookmarklet to do the steps for you.  The Time Capsule is not on the Link-a-Nator so you need to do this to get the link. Once you copy the link, go over to tinyurl.com and make a small link that you can post.
You can also unframe your game and past the javascript below into your browser bar and type in 423. This code is provided by The Mafia Secrets Blog.  This method will save some time because it creates the tinyurl for you.
If you mafia members don't send a Time Capsule back, then you need to go looking for them. Time Capsule links posted in the status updates will show up on the Get-a-Nator.
Another way to find these links is to use the Facebook search option (1).
You can only open 5 a day so it shouldn't be hard to find them. When the links stop working, they will be converted to Mystery Bags.  Good luck and I hope you all get a Suit Up before Zynga tremoves them.
I actually got a second one tonight!

Thanks to Mike Nestor, Michael Voelzow, Hvedeknoppen, and Games Aholic for helping with putting together the information on this.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. Not to plug myself, but Mistyfied's mod of linkanator also pulls links for time capsules :)

  2. still works pigñatas??? i got CERO iron titan :( although ive got few gray wolves suit ups and handbaskets but 0 iron titan will be nice if working, anybody knows???

  3. the pictures above shows the Alternate version of my link service. The main version is the HLS2 which produce the Tinyurl link directly. ;-)
    @ Anynymous
    Pignatas are dead :-( ,even the Super Pignatas , i think somebody gave them some Green Zyngonite

  4. 'Coffin' code = 434.


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