Jul 26, 2010

Script Writers VS Las Vegas, Part 4: Arun


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Arun has updated his tools and the various aspects of Las Vegas have been incorporated into them.  I'm sure he has been very busy because he has done a really good job.

If you haven't used the chucker yet, I wrote a blog article with instructions for the Mafia Wars Wiki site called Tools of The Trade.  I plan to revise this and post it to this blog as soon as I have some extra time.
 Las Vegas Property Consumables and Collection Items
Las Vegas Collection Items
Las Vegas Boosts
Not only did Arun figure out how to add Las Vegas banking to Brawler but he has also added a few new and cool features to this excellent program.  If you haven't used Brawler yet, read my article titled Brawler: Arun's Mafia Helper's to learn how.  I decided to do a stamina run on Brawler and check out the new features.  I'm very impressed!
1251 Stamina Run
(click on images to enlarge)
 Loot Graphics
Icing and Secret Stash Posting Features


I haven't covered Arun's Feed Helper yet so now is a good time to do so.  Follow the the steps below to start using this program whenever something doesn't post.
1.  Go to Arun's Mafia Wars Helper's Website and locate the Feed Helper Bookmarklet.
2.  Click, drag and drop Feed Helper into your bookmark toolbar
3.  Go to any page on your Mafia Wars Game and click on Feed Helper now located in your bookmark toolbar once to unframe and second time to activate the program. 
4.  Click on which group of help options you need and select the one you want.  If the program doesn't fetch your user name, you will get a pop-up to add your name to it.  I like that we can change our name up.  I'm sure a few players have had fun with this one.  I just called myself MW LootLady but I'm sure I could have thought of something funny.
Job Help Requests
Boss Help/Bonus Requests
 Other Requests
I apologize to Eric for this one.  I randomly chose on the War Help option for purposes of getting a screen shot and the program chose you and declared a war. 
Las Vegas Requests
I started a discussion thread titled Feed Helper on Arun's fan site asking if the Las Vegas Boss Fight help requests, Boss Fight victory posts, and the Slot Machine help requests would be added to this program.

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  1. I love the Brawler, Robbit & Chucker marklets. The feed helper would be just a little better if the Private Zoo items were added also - as well as Italy & Brazil. I do realize these areas are relatively new so I am hoping for a newer version soon :-).

    I am also curious as to your recommendation for a good Gift Grabber. I have one that I use (JGrabAllGifts) which is sufficient but i am curious as to your opinion.

    Thank you,

    ORION The Hunter Black


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