Dec 4, 2015

Japan District 3: Kabukicho Crimes


The basics for Japan District 3 are shown below to unlock it you must bronze master District 2.  The statistical information for the Syndicate Job is also shown below.







Ikeda-Gumi Syndicate Bonus

Senko-Gumi Syndicate Bonus

Syndicate Job (Ruby)

Jobs Mastery Clicks
1 7% 15 1.8891.9842.0472.086 +
2 8% 13
3 6% 17 1.9392.0362.1012.141 68
4 7% 15 1.9122.0082.0712.111
5 6% 17
6 5% 20 1.9152.0102.0742.114 80
7 6% 17
2.0192.1202.1882.230 68
8 5% 20 2.0972.2022.2712.315
9 5% 20
1.9672.0652.1312.172 80
Syn Job
20% 5 ✔*100 2.171 5 +5  SP ✔*2 ✔*2 10/10
15%7✔*1002.2677+10 SP✔*2✔*214/14
10%10✔*1002.34910+15 SP✔*2✔*220/20
7%15✔*1002.39715+20 SP✔*2✔*230/30
*Acquiring Soldier's Favors and Syndicate Jobs have the option of using Yen OR consumables. If only consumables are used and no bonuses, it will require 185 of each to gain the 37 Soldier's Favors needed and 74 of each to master each Syndicate job.136 Karaoke Mics and 240 Business Cards are needed to do the regular jobs. Using Crew, Help and Boosts will greatly reduce this number.

Zynga got lazy with another major loot image sharing scheme. Now the City Store loot items from a given district share images with the job loot items from a different district. They have icons so you won't get them mixed up. 

City Store Items

Districts 1 and 2 only required 3 City Store items but District 3 requires 4. The items for District 3 are Weapons, Vehicles, Animals and Henchmen. The number of required items (and the cost) to ruby master the district is shown in the images. Assuming you have the discounts for City Store discounts (Brazil mastery and Japan mastery items) the total cost for job equipment in District 3 is 24,192 Yen.


Job Loot Drop Items

Favor  Token 

Mastery: Lose 5%, 7%, 9%, 12% discount on Japan Store


  1. When they first started getting lazy with the loot for fights, arena, wars, VIP and siege I assumed it was because the game was coming to an end soon and they where trying to add a few more weeks to it by saving a bit of money. But months down the line it's still going on and events are still being released faster than ever and we even got a new destination. The game can't be coming to an end any time soon.

    The only thing it can be is they are finding it hard to come up with more loot items that they aint used for other things yet.

  2. After completing the District jobs, I don't understand what to do with Japan so I'm letting Demon play it for me. Is the Syndicate a separate job or a series of jobs? After you do the job(s) for one, can you then do the job(s) for the other? Are there new syndicate jobs for each level of each district? What are the tokens for and how do you get them? I've read the FAQ's and it didn't help. Maybe I just don't want to work that hard to figure out this destination. Why does Z have to make it so complicated?


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