Nov 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Special Event Item: Turkey Slice


Rounding out the inventory update for today is a Special Event item with a Thanksgiving theme. I'm not sure what type of event it will be for. Maybe a collection or gifting type event. Thanksgiving is still 6 days away so it's possible we will see more items with next weeks inventory updates. Your guesses are as good as mine. The stats on this thing seem low enough where it won't be part of a bundle or something you need to spend reward points on.


  1. Could you just be anymore negative or quit as all you posts are basically what the games ? marks are, or get you VIP back and play the game, How long has the game gonna be shut down, oh brother doesnt seem to be going away at all. People are still playing and spending. NEGATIVE please stop, you used to be so fun to read and have great walk through's, How about we get that Jen back, ty for Listening.

    1. lol, please tell me one positive and fun event that I HAVEN'T already written about more than 10 times and maybe I would be a bit more passionate about the game. I won't quit, I want to ride it to the end but that doesn't mean there is even a remote chance that I will enjoy it the way I once did. As anyone who writes anything will tell you, there needs to be passion about the topic to really write well. I don't even try anymore because in the end I really don't care. I just won't quit so you can stick it out until the end and follow the blog or just not read it. Sorry, I wish it could be different. I'm pretty sure most players share my frustrations and lack of desire and that's pretty much who I write for now. I would love to get it back but it's probably too late. I don't think it's my fault, I think Zynga let the game get stale and they don't fix the problems so that is what I now share with those who still visit.

    2. People are still spending money?! I'd rather buy a hammer to hit myself repeatedly with than spend any more on this stale game. Yeah I stole the stale from you, Jen because it's the best way to describe it.


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