Nov 20, 2015

More Japan Images


I found a few more images of Japan which were added to the servers. It's not much but at least it's enough to feel secure that Japan is indeed the next destination. Some Crew and Bank images are shown below.




  1. I'm not going there until I finish Los Angeles, which should be around 2018....

  2. There is a way of "old" fight system,i think! You can use fightcrew,thats in other city's not possible. Exept in LA,when you make a choise between old or new fighting.

  3. the one picture makes me think that the plot will go something like...
    The Yakuza are taking over Sapporo and exploding Ichiban noodles and stealing cell phones... Rise to the top by controlling all the ramen noodle companies.... :)
    I do notice in the pic that fight boosts are not locked with Fight Boosts will be back soon. (three months now?)


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