Nov 18, 2015

Slaughter Season 20


The 20th Slaughter Season is now available and like the last on it has a VIP tier. To reach the Emerald Tier you need 6,000 Pennants and the VIP tier, for those who have it, need 10,000. This event is much easier if you use scripts and if you don't it's much more time consuming.  If your ices come from the Arena you will need to burn 6,000,000 (10,000,000 for VIPs) stamina to get it done (1 Pennant = 2 ices = 1,000 stamina). Using the fight list may require less stamina but it will take much longer. Either way you choose, there are a total of 7 days to get it done (8 for VIPs).  The badge and loot rewards are granted once the season expires. If you need more details on how Slaughter Seasons work, go here. A closer look at the loot rewards can be found here.

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