Nov 7, 2015

More Loading Issues...


Yesterday players found the Marvelous Mustache banner when they loaded the game and nothing else [1]. Although this was annoying but you could get to the game from the link on the banner. A few hours later Zynga announced it was fixed [1]. Their idea of a fix is probably different from ours. Instead of a banner the game just loads as a white page so it's really not fixed it's just less useful than it was when the banner appeared. Now we are back to the good old days of having to load the game 20 times, do a Hail Mary and hope one of them gets you there. At the very least they could stop releasing events and put 100% of their efforts into fixing the game.

Yesterday + A Few Hours



  1. ive been trying to get on to MW all day and all i get is a white page as seen above.....could you please fix it.....i'm so glad now that a cancelled my V.I.P....Maybe in the future if you put more time in to fixing problems and not on making money i will return to V.I.P. Mark

  2. The fact is zynga has been lying to players about what is causing the loading issues (and it has now been proven that old style fighting had nothing to do with the issues, considering the loading issues persist), but they continue to get away with this sort of shit because as a community of players, we can't seem to be able to pull together and fight for each other. Everyone is only concerned about their own selfish game needs and no one is willing to support players' need unless they directly matter to the player concerned, and then, worst of all, when the community does somewhat succeed in pushing for zynga to change things to benefit players so they don't leave the game, instead of continuing to push back every time zynga lies about the reasons they are making bad decisions, we just give up and allow zynga to continue to do what they want. Even worse, many players continue to pay for this shit, giving zynga a free pass to continue to lie and give us a garbage product! It is pathetic!!!

    1. Totally agree! It's embarrassing how many times I persist in trying to click, etc. to do something that should just work. I even wondered to myself last night, "why am I putting up with this shit?"
      I don't actually have an answer other than a bit of stubbornness mixed with a touch of addiction. Could anyone in all honesty suggest playing MW to a friend who asks if it's a good game? NOOOOOooooo

  3. Why the f^ck can't I get at my gifts? Tried ZMC. Tried spock collector. Tried everything! People are sending me gifts so I assume most if not all can send and receive gifts except for me.


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