Nov 7, 2015

Link To Load Mafia Wars


Some players, including me, have been unable to get into the game all day. I tried 8 hours ago, gave up and came back to the same white screen. I won't admit to how many times I tried because it's ridiculous and embarrassing. While reading through the fan page, Donna Vasco got a tip from Dawn Arlington and it worked for me. Clicking on any email bonus link may get you there. Try the one below. Loading issues were the reason I cancelled my VIP subscription 5 months ago and today just makes me really happy I did this! Zynga needs to stop releasing events and fix this shit once and for all. If they can't do it then they need to just let this game die or better yet sell it to a developer who can!

If the link below doesn't work, go here and pick another one.


  1. As long as the money is flowing they will never do anything different makes no since why people keep paying for broken s_ _ _ ! Changing the fight system did nothing !

  2. i agree, get rid of the new crappoloa .. we might play again,

  3. I have had no issues on my accounts , is it maybe the MWaddon that is causing this ? , as i don't use the MWaddon , just Demon and Spock in my extensions and have seen no issues like others have.

    1. How big is your account? By that I mean, how many items do you have in your inventory? I maintain a few smaller accounts, all under level 2500. The only reason I use them is to collect 5 daily takes, 5 shuffles, and to complete any helps I need, like the London ops event that is currently in progress. I have absolutely no trouble loading these accounts, and I believe the reason why is because their inventories are so small. They have never got any load fails, either now or before carnage. The only loots they get are by accident, when I'm crafting properties or using them to finish things like the aforementioned ops. None of them even have finished vault collections. Zynga is too stupid to realize that the inventories on bigger accounts need to be cut down. We can't even give the shit away, so we're stuck unless zynga does something to reduce inventory sizes.

  4. LOL no it's not MWaddon , what a silly thing to say, especially following the comment by mentioning two other scripts
    Please Zynga just let it die if this is the embarrassing low that you have let this game slip to.


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