Nov 12, 2015

Limited Time Property #57 Coming Soon


Images for the 57th Limited Time Property have been added to the servers. Not counting today there are 2 days left of Craftmania so my guess is we should see it on Saturday. Hopefully the game will be fixed by then and loading issues will be a thing of the past. We can only dream! This one kind of looks like a Victoria's Secret or a clothes store with a half naked mannequin in the window. Please share your guesses.


  1. Nobody in the world EVER doubted that they would be trowing one of these out the SECOND Craftmania ended, lol... the safest bet you could ever take ;) These are now on program :P

    The word on the building kinda looks like the word "Lingerie" So, could be a Lingerie Shop or Lingerie Store, perhaps?

  2. Clothing store, yes. But it only sells 'concealed carry' accessories :)


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