Nov 12, 2015

Family Siege Health Shield Bug


Many players have posted on our fan page about Family Siege feature issues. Some families have encountered a health shield that can not be healed. Today Zynga addressed this issue and hopefully they will fix it soon [1]. Until they do, families that have this bug will be without the +5,000 bonus in mafia attack and defense. Thanks to Edward Larson for the screen shot.


  1. This is the main reason why I haven't bother with this, and the fact that most of my family doesn't seem to play anymore

  2. siege is BUGGING fix it

  3. Our Siege event is completely closed. Does everyone have this? No doubt when it comes back again, they won't have it filled to full or to the point it was when they took it down, but rather we'll have to waste level after level of energy and stamina to fill it again.

    Curiously, without Siege, the game seems to be running like lightning today. Absolutely no lag or other problems that I can see.

    1. Zynga never fails to prove me right. Shield is back now and we have to start from the beginning to fill it. The game is once again running as slow as a lame turtle. Every time they take one of their useless events offline to fix it, the game runs faster so it's easy to identify where the problems lie.

  4. Can inflict over 500 damage per click, Is this normal?

  5. Health worked for a couple hours but is broke again. Heal HQ shield some & it goes right back down again just like it did before.

  6. My family siege shield drops to the same exact spot.


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