Nov 27, 2015

Japan Now Available


Along with a whole bunch of other crap, Japan is now available. This was a really bad time to release everything at once. There are too many bugs in the game and it's a holiday weekend. I won't be posting walkthroughs for a while so check our fan page for updates. The introduction is shown below. One thing most of us hate about new destinations is farming cash and currency. From the first glance of things it looks like Zynga made this chore a little more difficult in Japan. My advice to anyone at this time it to work on the other events and come back to Japan once strategies are formulated and scripts are updated.


  1. So, they changed my race ? lols. it is hard to take them seriously with this load of nonsense. and, yes, the money grinding chore looks more difficult with the faction gimmick. sigh.

  2. When it all finally loaded I was able to 'help' many people with unbanked Yen. This seemed like the easiest destination for found money. I invested the money in city store items. Other than that, I have no clue what all the other stuff is about. I forget the other destination that had factions or something?

    1. Moscow and Thailand had factions. These also changed the plotline of the destination, and it was fun to do them over as the other faction. Here the plot will remain the same. Las Vegas had a way to fight through the plot, versus using Energy to complete the tasks. That concept converted to Stamina jobs in South Africa. Every district in every destination should have one stamina job.

  3. Haha... how could it surprise ANYONE at this point that Japan and Urban Assault were released at the same time... I was actually expecting this (know Zynga for what they really are) and on top of this, a VIP Bounty and an Arena Conquest, lol... and we still have an Arena Smashup coming, most likely tomorrow... and why not another Operations event and a Crafter's Choice? The Challenge Mission ends tomorrow so we definitely need something new to beg for - perhaps even another Extortion Run? Do they dare release one at the same time as a Property? HELL YES they do...

    ... Japan is what most people feared the ABSOLUTE worst crap... having to choose between either cash or consumables (when you need both, haha) I guess Zynga figured, in their diseased ridden minds,,that we would all be buying either consumables or money - depending on what side we choose.

    I honestly have no words left... there's nothing more to say... I thought Zynga couldn't sink any lower... but... they keep proving me wrong - Hell will have a very special place for Zynga employees.

  4. lol, as if it wasn't enough to dump this on us, Arena Conquest just added too. When are these fools gonna realise less can sometimes mean more.

  5. how to loot thug's favor?

  6. ditto on thugs favor...can't find where to get it.

  7. ok i think i figured it out. do the task Escape Ueda Soldiers Chasing You For Stealing Their Car and it comes up on the side "gain favor with so and so". when you hit 250 you go up to the top and gain favor with ikeda-gumi, the dude on the left. thats when you get thugs favor and can use it for the syndicate job.


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