Nov 27, 2015

1 Free Saberglider


The Mafia Wars App is giving us 1 free Saberglider with stats of 365/302. The request can be found on the Notification page.  Not all players get these but it's worth checking your notification page. If you didn't get a notification, try the link below.


  1. As I never get any of these, I wouldn't be surprised if I get nothing this time, too. BUT this time... not even the notification :-(
    Maybe because I didn't give a 5 star rating????

    1. I never get them either and am wondering if it is something just for those that spend money on the game. :-(

  2. Maybe I should not have collected the Daily Free Gifts first. That includes a Notification gift, after all. Then perhaps your link would have worked.

  3. Thank you!!! I didn't get the notification and I normally don't get these at all, but clicking the link you provided, I got one!!! I am stunned! :)
    To welcome you back, 1 Sabergliders has been added to your account.


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