Oct 30, 2015

Warning: Faƈebook Seƈuriƭy Hack


The very old Facebook Security hack is making it's rounds on various pages again. This time they got a little more clever. Instead of actually posting on the pages where they are vulnerable to be banned, they are 'sharing' posts made by players. Players who made the original posts will then receive a notification that Facebook Security their accounts are going to be disabled. This is a scam and should just be ignored. Pages can't do anything about it because you can't block them if they didn't post on the page. You can go to the page and report it and hope Facebook will shut it down, but they will just make a new page. Whatever you do, don't follow any links or fill out any forms related to the site. Thanks to those who have posted on our fan page about it and to Rebecca Marie Sevilla for the screen shot.

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