Oct 30, 2015

Blood Reign Fight Event


The game is falling apart today, bugs are everywhere, accounts were reset and for a while nobody could get in. Leave it to Zynga to release a new event in the midst of it all! I'm not gonna try to figure this one out so please leave your comments. The instructions and loot items are shown below.


  1. I want to be elder vampire :(

  2. So, we wait till close to the end of a round to see which side is winning, and then let yourself get iced until you switch to the winning side? Vampire iced by a hunter gets cleansed and becomes hunter, and a hunter gets iced by a vampire and gets infected. Why not skew the game and all become vampires. Just turn off auto healers and once a vampire, turn em back on and set the limits high. Or am i missing something?

  3. I think THIS says it all, lol:

    "During the course of a round, the Curse may intensify or wane - resulting in Fighters converting to the other side Faction without being iced."

    Just another Zynga controlled event - THEY decide who wins each round... just like that Cartel Clash they discontinued after being severely out-smarted :P No matter what you do in this "event" you have NO say in the outcome. If it looks like Hunters are winning, Zynga will simply convert enough Hunters to make Vampires the winning faction, This is just a ploy to get us to fight more and waste money on stamina refills...don't fall for it. Ignore it and be glad if you end up on a winning side...if not,who cares :P

    1. Couldn't have said it better:)


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