Oct 28, 2015

Urban Assault 13 Coming Soon


Images for the next Urban Assault are in the servers. At this time there haven't been any loot items added to the inventory but I imagine they will be soon. You know Zynga will release this before the Offshore Turfs Secret District expires as they just can't help themselves!


  1. There it was, haha... wondering what was holding up Zynga in releasing this one. But, it couldn't come at a more convenient time than now... we only have an Offshore and an Arena Rampage, so we should have PLENTY of time to do an UA too :D Wgu not throw in an Operations event too, Zynga? That way you would force a lot more loyal player into spending RPs on stamina/energy refills... and perhaps maybe even drive away a few more of the "real" players, due to event fatigue - we all know where this game is going... "Demon Wars" ought to be the name for this game now :P

  2. I love this, nice loot, free goodies


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