Oct 28, 2015

Craftmania 11 Coming Soon


I found a server image of a feed request for the Craftmania event. The good news is we will most likely get one of these instead of another Limited Time Property or Extortion Run. It's very strange that Zynga has given us a few days away from one of these begging events and it's hard to believe we aren't getting a Limited Time Property. I could be wrong but the existence of a new Craftmania image and the absence of Limited Time Property and Extortion Run images points to this conclusion. At this time the loot item shown in the image hasn't been added to the inventory.


  1. Would be nice if this Craftmania event was for the early extortion runs instead of Limited time Properties..

  2. And its started :)
    Wonder why they have included the Halfway House and not the Aquarium?

    Oh, perhaps they don't want to encourage us to build stamina smh.


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