Oct 24, 2015

Stat Wise 4


The 4th version of the Stat Wise Marketplace gimmick is available and brings the 1st glimpse into the Halloween capitalization. This feature has evolved since it's introduction 2 and a half years ago [1]. The first version didn't offer any skill points and cost 120 reward points. The 2nd offered skill points and cost $15.00 [1]. The 3rd version offered the same as the 2nd but the cost was 60 reward points. Version 4 comes with even more skill points but the cost is $19.97. In the end you only get 5 loot items and some skill points. For $19.97 that isn't a good deal. The 5 loot items (with the highest stats) are shown below. The only way to get all 5 with the highest stats would be to purchase this thing 5 times. Happy Halloween!

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