Oct 24, 2015

Crafter's Choice 26: Marbleous


The 26th Crafter's Choice Event is now available. Zynga must be running out of ideas as the theme to this one is marbles (how random!). They've lost their marbles a long time ago so I guess it's fitting. The options for skill points are stamina and energy. For a detailed post on how Crafter’s Choice Events work, go here. The loot rewards are shown below.

Not to be picky but shouldn't this item be called Marbles instead of Marble? There are more than one of them.

Marbles Collector

Not to be picky again, but shouldn't this guy be a Marble Collector? But he does look Marbleous! 


1 comment:

  1. Have they reduced the timer on this event? I could swear it is a day or two shorter than previous ones. The last one seemed shorter too, and I got to build less items, when I maxed on parts every single day.


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