Oct 16, 2015

Siege Leagues: Season 1 Winners & Season 2


The 2nd Season of Siege Leagues has begun. Zynga has listed the top 5 families of the Season 1 on the banner. The Top 5 families earned a Dragon Wagon and +50 skill points. Jo Gilliam was family #1 and #2 proving that the advantage went to families of 1 [1].  Season 2 is now underway and according to the instructions, 'the end of each Season all Families Seals are reset to 10% of what the Family accumulated at the end of each Season', so the smaller families who did well will have an even better advantage. This event lasts too long for it to be something to worry about. The entire Family Siege feature is nothing but a tool to get to the next level for those who need it.


Season 1

Season 2 Reward

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