Oct 16, 2015

Enjoying Mafia Wars?


Facebook is asking gamers if they are enjoying the games they are playing. This isn't very good news for Zynga. I'm pretty sure many will give Mafia Wars a poor rating. It would help if the game loaded when this question was asked! Now that the servers have changed, white screen is the new gray screen. In addition to the white screen I've noticed the game will refresh on it's own and that is really annoying. Zynga still hasn't fixed the image bugs caused from not properly adding the new loot to the inventory so when you can get it, the game looks like crap. Only players who choose the top rating of 'Excellent' will be able to recommend the game to their friends. This question is being asked of all games on Facebook, not just Mafia Wars.


  1. I have little problem with Facebook but I only play for amusement. Not to win all the time..

  2. you know darn well that 75% of all mafia problems are caused by FACEBOOK ! ! ! everything that is done just about, goes thru fb server, so we need to give a good rating

    1. It's been awhile since we have had a Zynga employee comment in here... tell your employer to fix the game, buddy - and stop blaming others for your own incompetence. this game has become increasingly worse over the years... Zynga gave up and doesn't care anymore... they lost the love for the game and found love solely for money instead. Go tell them to refind the love and FIX THE DAMN GAME!!!

    2. Okay, if this is Facebooks fault... shouldn't ALL games run like crap?? How come it's ONLY Mafia Wars that ALWAYS runs like crap and have a million loading issues? Can you explain that to me, please? If this is Facebook server issues... I would imagine ALL games would be having the same loading issues, right? But since NO other games experience this kind of loading issue and flaws Mafia Wars do... I guess it HAS to be Zyngas fault, my friend. Zynga SUCKS... that's even to small a word to describe them... no word can really describe them... I'm amazed that this company can even stay in business

  3. Ever since they took those several hours for maintenance, I have been getting refreshes every half hour and annoying glitches with images missing and constant blank pages on reload along with other annoyances. Tonight after reset time I keep getting Server Timed Out , Unable to Reach Server and my very favourite error 404 page not found...
    I havent got the Are you enjoying our game Questionnaire yet... LOL tonight might not be a good night to ask

  4. I have always said: "If you're NOT having loading issues and server error messages... you're NOT playing Mafia Wars!"

    These are just as big a part of the game as scripts are now... scripts and loading/server issues = Mafia Wars

    Zynga doesn't care about either problem, let alone fixing them... deal with it or get out... it will NEVER change... not even a million complaints in here and/or via feedback pertitions

  5. Not Found

    The requested URL /mwfb/remote/html_server.php was not found on this server. here we go again another day same zynga fuck ups


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