Oct 13, 2015

Player Support Updates


There are a few new articles posted on the Player Support site. One tells us not to worry about all those loading issues from earlier today and the other tells us that [1],[2]. It's kind of hard to tell if the loading issues have been resolved since maintenance is still going on. Hopefully things will be back soon and we can see what they did (or didn't do).


  1. Still down...looks like I don't play today...

  2. It started, without warning, 7 hours early... and here we are, 12 hours later and it's STILL down... 8:30 pm PDT and 3-5 hours my arse!! Someone needs to teach these basterds some manners and respect!

  3. Back up and running for me, and its a lot quicker than it was previously. Perhaps that's because not many players are back online yet?

    Again the whiners and the doomsayers get it wrong.

  4. 3 of us here take turns playing on the one PC, using 3 browsers. All got in by 10pm local time last night. Then one of us was cut off for 30 minutes while the others stayed connected with no problems. Ain't technology great? Try that with three working lamps plugged into the same working power strip.

  5. I was down 6 hours before the official maintenance time, and couldn't get in at all. I kept trying right up until the scheduled maintenance time.

    Has there been any indication as to what tasks/changes they completed during the maintenance? I know that when I signed in this a.m., all my demon settings were wiped out, so that suggests to me that the changes were significant. I remember that for the first few years of the game, they had in-game updates (filed under the account tab) on every minor and major change they made. I can no longer find that information in the game or anywhere else, for that matter. There was a time when zynga had some transparencies, but now they are simply unscrupulous.

  6. I think they migrated servers. Spockholm and Demon settings were lost. If you go to
    you can get your settings and backup and restore Demon settings.


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