Oct 13, 2015

Los Angeles 3X Mastery Event


There is a 3X Mastery event in Los Angels for the next 5 days. When the loot item was added to the inventory I thought it would be a 2X Mastery event [1]. Zynga is either being extra generous or they want players to master Los Angels. Many have no plans or desire to do so. Staying on the lower levels of mastery makes job events and Missions a lot easier. I imagine many will continue to ignore Los Angeles. There isn't much incentive to master it as the special loot drop, (the Tenty) sucks. Below are some numbers of just how much mastery you can get per click from a random job in District 1. All jobs have different mastery percentages and this one is just an example. The extra mastery only applies to jobs and not Asset Raids. This could be a sign that Zynga want more players to hurry up and master Los Angeles already so that they can release a new destination.

Normal Mastery= 7%|VIP Mastery=8%

3X Mastery = 21%|VIP=24%

Activate the Strategist Crew Bonus = 28%|VIP=32%

Use a 2X Mastery Boost (bronze- gold only) = 35% |VIP= 40%


  1. I'm not seeing this event in my game for any of my 3 accounts.

  2. They can give us 100x mastery and it won't speed things up because people don't have the BK (money) to advance. I'm certainly not going to spend 10 reward points for BK 500. I would consider doing it if it cost 2 reward points, but will just plod along as fast as I can.

    Zynga really should have hired an economist who was well versed in the strategy of the game so they would know how to price things. They way they've priced some items one would think there are a thousands of extremely wealthy people playing this game clicking on buttons without a care of what it costs. Surely they've noticed over time that the general public isn't buying ridiculously priced items, so in the end Zynga lost money by even developing them.

    Ever since Zynga changed the rules of the game by reducing the price of stamina by 50% (years ago), I vowed never to spend a penny on the game. You could spend money building your character to be superior with the current rules, then one day Zynga could change the rules, and others would built differently would instantly have an advantage over you. Over the course of several years, I've seen this happen a few times. So my choice of just playing for free and using Zynga's resources without viewing ads has been a wise one.

    1. Can't argue with that, not nearly enough BK in the game and you still need to farm the loot in full to complete the asset raids, so unless you cleverly farmed everything on bronze and did the same ignoring silver on all the districts then this event is worth pretty much f@ck all.

      I suspect many are waiting until the currency becomes more common on fight list targets, and it is slowly getting there. If there is one thing carnage has brought to the game it's the increased purse from fights.

      If they priced things sensibly I agree they would waste less developing stuff nobody is going to pay for, there are plenty of other games out there that manage too, and they would end up making more profit from it with more players spending.

  3. What good is 3X mastery if you don't have enough drops to get through the levels? Much more helpful would be 3X drop rate.

  4. Yes, like said above, the money requirement is way to high, even though i dont really play anymore due to work, i would play this event if i had loads of money or stuff didnt cost loads of money, because thats what missing, a big load of money.
    So they soon need to either give us more money somehow or they need to lower/remove the price of items and jobs, the jobs that require money is the worst, i could allow 1 job per district requiring money, but not 5-6-7 out of 10 jobs, wtf did they think about when they thought, jobs that cost money to do is great thing?
    But again, here we see a classic example of being incompetent, the one that came up with or approved such jobs should be fired.

  5. Yes- Stupid move from Bazynga! 3x money or 3x loot drop from consumable or 1/3 loot price would help us much more. BUT you still didn't understand: THEY don't want us to move forward (without spending RP)

  6. In other cities when they had two time mastery didn't they also have two times money? I seem to remember they did.

    I don't have this event yet, but when I do I won't be bothering because of the consumables. At 5k+ per click I'm just not going to be farming them. That's why I haven't done any of LA yet, not even the bronze level.

  7. Agree with previous comments. Unreasonable BK and consumable requirements are limiting factors in LA. 3x mastery isn't going to fix the frustration with, and lack of interest in finishing, LA unless those factors are also addressed.

  8. 3x mastery is not the same as 1/3 energy per click. If they went 1/3 energy per click I'd hit at it. But as it sits, no way.


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