Oct 20, 2015

Pay To Play Secret District: Dirty Laundry


The Dirty Laundry is now available for purchase. It was initially released in August of last year. If you fully mastered or never touched it, the cost is 27 reward points. If you were somewhere in between the cost is less but you won't get as many skill points. You can gain +36 skill points for 27 reward points but the effort isn't worth the +9 skill points you would gain over spending reward points on a 2X Property Build. I started skipping these things a while ago. If you do spend reward points to play, you will have 12 days to complete the district once you purchase it. Use the link for a walkthrough. Normally you get 7 days to decide if you want to purchase a pay to play Secret District. This time you only have 4 days.

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