Oct 20, 2015

New Family Boss Fight: Retribution


The 25th Family Boss is now available to be unlocked. This is the 8th Boss Fight to be turned into an event and you have to take out 4 other bosses before reaching the final and resident boss. In addition to the loot rewards shown below, families will also get Family Experience for defeating the boss. The rewards and combos are also shown below. We may not be able to show you the final boss for a while as there is a bug (surprise!). You can join a Family Boss Fight but the rage is automatically maxed and no other family members appear on the roster so you can't send boosts. I'm not sure if this is widespread or just in my family.




  1. widespread of course

  2. Of course, lol...haven't we learned by now that no events work properly upon its release? Just the good old Zynga standards... release a bunch of events that don't work... then spend 23- days fixing them... instead of just WAITING 2-3 days or maybe try releasing 1 event at a time and MAKE sure it WORKS!!!


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