Oct 25, 2015

Offshore Turfs 7: San Marcos/Isla Maria Madre


The 7th Offshore Turfs is the 46th Secret District in Mafia Wars and is now available. I just can't bring myself to make anymore posts about this. Unless there is something different that pops up, this is all I'm going to say. If you need a walkthrough or want to see the loot items, use the links below. Based on the consumable requirements of the previous 6 Offshore Turfs, you need about 200 of the first consumable and 1,100 of the second (less if you use the various bonuses and boosts to reduce consumable requirements).


  1. These are just one more joke in the game of Mafia Wars and proves once again the have no originality anymore. All they know to do is copy and paste an old event with a little update on the so-called loot that is outdated before finishing it. Or close to it. Add to it that it is another feeble attempt from Zynga to suck money from people who want to finish these things. I use to but will not contribute any longer to a dying game other than it helps passing the time and an attempt to help others when and where I can.

  2. I used to love the old version of this but they had to go ruin it by adding this crappy version

  3. Hated the Offshore Turf events in the past when released at the same time as Urban Assaults. Couldn't be happier to see it released this way. Perhaps Zynga heeded our complaints about piling on the 2 events together. =)

  4. If you read the description it says it lasts for 12 days yet the timer is on 9 days... Zynga maths I presume

    1. Most likely an old description they didn't bother to change - or better yet, never even noticed due to lack of brains, haha... those lazy ass, good for nothing Zonkeys!

  5. Might have a go at it this time - there's no family job thing or urban assault happening at same time.


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