Oct 26, 2015

Daily Free Stuff: 10/26/2015


***Notification Gift Not Updated by Zynga***


  1. Notification Gift actually started working again: 6 Absinthe Shots

    1. Yes but I still post the link in case they decide to start updating again. This has happened in the past and one day it magically appeared. The servers were moved about the time it stopped so they probably just need to go in and make it work again.

  2. works for me too, thanks MWLL.

    Noticed another little update they seem to have done today, when you go in to view a family the player names are now listed along with the FB name underneath. Rather embarrassing for a few, but its not something we didn't already know ;)

  3. weird, I assumed it was an update but its only showing the FB names in the family listing on 2 particular families. I'll let you guess which ones. Is that something that could have been done in family settings somewhere, as others just show status as "soldier" "godmother" etc...


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