Oct 21, 2015

Family Boss Fight Bug Part 2


Those of us who are in a family are all too familiar with the Boss Fight Bug. That still hasn't stopped some from defeating the 1st boss. Fighting the boss with the rage and fatigue meters on max isn't fun but can easily be done for those who are patient and don't mind blowing all of their stamina with very little experience return. For those hoping to move on to the next boss, save your time because it doesn't happen. Once Donald Harper is defeated, the screen will ask you to 'Please wait a few minutes while we calculate the results!'. I got impatient after 5 minutes and refreshed the game. Once I did that, the timer reset. So basically after you defeat Donald Harper, there won't be any Family Boss Fights available until Zynga fixes the bugs. Since the first bug is a family member loading issue, I imagine this one is too since the reward screen ranks family members. It seems this should be an easy fix so I don't know what they are waiting for. 

5 Minutes

5 Minutes + Refresh 


  1. Thanks for that info . :)

  2. They are waiting or their one competent developer to return from vacation.

  3. The monkeys need more bananas.

    No bananas, no work


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