Oct 21, 2015

Family Bugs Persist


It's not a good time to be in a family. The bugs are out of control. We are seeing the Family Trap bug rear it's ugly head and many players are stuck in families they don't want to be in [1]. This bug first appeared about 2 years ago and it took them about 6 months to fix it [1]. It wasn't entirely fixed so Zynga made a support page to fix it on an individual basis [1]. They either need to open up the support page again or try to fix the issue.


The New Family Boss Fight was released over 24 hours ago and there is a nasty bug preventing the sharing of boosts [1]. Family members aren't loading and everyone must do it on their own without boosts. All members who fight do contribute but Rage and Fatigue meters quickly become maxed and they stay that way. It takes much more time and resources to bring a Boss down without the boosts. This needs to be fixed or Zynga needs to pull the feature.

The Family Mission bugs are still there and many families have given up. Purple Beetles are not dropping for many accounts. It seems to be an issue with the algorithm they are using for stamina used versus Purple Beetle drops [1]. There are quite a few theories out there and some have had success by joining the 500 Arena or entering Arenas from different destinations of the game. Whatever the cause, Zynga needs to fix it soon!

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  1. the purple beetle is surely a problem, but i have noticed the drop rates on other jobs, have also been affected.... at least on my game.


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