Sep 17, 2015

VIP Limited Time Mission Walkthrough: Eviction Notice-NY


The Eviction Notice-NY VIP Limited Time Mission was released 10 days ago and not counting today has 4 days left on the timer [1]. At the time many believed this Mission was a clue that something was going to happen in New York. It's kind of funny because of the 33 tasks, only 1 requires you to do anything in New York! It may seem kind of late to post a walkthrough and many players are probably finished. This post is more for documenting purposes and for those of us non-VIPs to see what we missed out on. These things are a pain in the ass and this one has a total of 7 jobs with 3 in Los Angeles. Of those 3, 2 require consumables. For those VIP players who complete them, you end up with +5 skill, +1 attack, +1 defense, +2 energy and +2 stamina points and 16 loot items. I thank Jan With Sørensen for posting and sending me his images as he progressed and also Guido Schlabitzand  and Niels J. Plougmann for posting a few on our fan page. Without players sharing, we would never get to see the entire Mission. The Missions, rewards and jobs are shown below.

Part 1
 Part 2
 Part 3
 Part 4
 Part 5
 Part 6
 Part 7
 Part 8
 Part 9
 Part 10
 Part 11

Job List

Part 1: London District 3

Part 2: Chicago District 4

Part 3: Mexico District 7

Part 4: Mexico District 3 (loot drop)

Part 5: Los Angeles District 3 (consumable)

Part 6: Brazil District 7 (consumable)

Part 7: Los Angeles District 4 (loot drop)

Parts 8 & 9: No Job Tasks

Part 10: Mexico District 9 (consumable)

Part 11: Los Angeles District 5 (consumable and loot drop)

Consumable List

Los Angeles
 Los Angeles


  1. I still think that it is is a clue. The same time as this came out they updated for the first time ever the daily fix tasks rather than loot. The new tasks where to do with LA fighting and robbing. With these updated they have removed the NY robbing task.

    Funny that would happen the exact same day as a missions called NY EVICTION is released. That house in the back of the image looks exactly like the rent house on the NY property page. And the last property update when they went 3D started in NY then followed in Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok which still all had businesses instead at the time.

    Seems very much like they want to trial a new property and robbing system and are starting with NY again just like the last time. If it goes well I'm guessing they'll roll it out to other destinations at a later time.

    If I'm right it'll probably be something like the robbing the HQ feature. First LA starts using a % if your energy. Then fight carnage takes fighting the same way. Then the rob the HQ feature does the same thing for families yet again. while the highest costing properties to rob in the game are only something like 50 stamina in LA. Hardly reducing server calls or helping people to use there large stamina pools better. It would only make sense that they would want to do the same with robbing like they have with the rest of the game as well.

    But for a new robbing system first they need a new property system as well just like the last time. The last time was done in 2010 baring in mind the game was released in 2008 so the property system before the one that we have now only lasted for a couple of years. This one is well over due a refresh as well.

    Everything adds up the timing the image the wording used to advertise the mission and the removal of the NY robbing tasks for the daily fix on the very same day. This should shake things up a bit to say the least.

    1. If you are right then I am another step closer to hanging up my guns for the last time.

      I do not want more stupid & probably buggy features to make this game "fun" and "interesting". All I want is a smooth-running glitch-free game that loads first time and lets me stick to doing what I want to without feeling obliged to fill my wall with spam.

    2. I could be wrong. I hope I am. But it seems very suspicious the NY robbing task was removed the same day this mission was released.

  2. I am so glad I'm not VIP any more :)

  3. If they get rid of New York it will seriously affect every player. Because everyone heals in New York.


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