Sep 17, 2015

Limited Time Property 56 Coming Soon


The 56th Limited Time Property is coming soon. The loot items haven't been added to the inventory but that could change tomorrow. Not counting today, Craftmania has 2 more days left. Limited Time Properties usually come out on Saturdays so if I had to guess I think we will see it then. I could only find a small image. This one looks like a prison but who knows what Zynga will call it.


  1. After ALL this time I still do not get why Zynga isn't making use of these in VIP benefits.
    If they made it like this:

    Ruby tier: 5 builds every 17 hours
    Titanium tier: 6 builds every 16 hours
    Emerald tier: 7 builds every 15 hours
    Platinum tier: 8 builds every 14 hours
    Diamond tier: 9 builds every 13 hours
    Elite Black tier: 10 builds every 12 hours

    They wouldn't lose anything AND they would make it somewhat worth while staying subscribed... and might even give others incentive to sign up or re-sign ;)

    Wake up Zynga... it's all right there in front of you guys... just gotta do something about it. VIP benefits suck so bad it's unbelievable... how about throwing us a bone?

    1. What would be even better would be if Zynga stopped doing limited time properties all together turned the current 50 something of the damn things that we already have into regular properties just like the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot is make them robbable and make it so that everyone can craft from them all every 18 hours. If we build them after all then we should be able to use the things.

      I can understand them wanting to close exploits like one that allowed people who used a glitch to craft from them all every 18 hours while everyone else who didn't use the exploit can't like happened once under a different layout when they where still listed as NY properties rather than global properties. That's understandable as it gives people an unfair advantage and why would people spend money to join the VIP membership and buy RP if other people who don't spend anything on the game can still get a big advantage over them like this.

      But if everyone is able to do it then it's not like it will lead to an unfair playing field or anything. Fighters will still have just as much competition as they do with each other now and so still spend as much money on RP as they do now to beat the shit out of each other as well. Nothing would change except for the simple fact that we would actually be able to use all the properties we worked hard on completing and robbing would get more interesting as well. Especially if they brought back the old robbing system to boot.

    2. That's a way to go too... I was merely suggesting a way to keep their current VIP subscribers and possibly get new ones... as of this moment, the incenitve to sign up as VIP is non-existent. With all the serial-leveling going on and kami servive and what not... no-one needs to buy RPs... but making it possible to build from more properties and at a faster pace, could perhaps make some consider sining up... just a thought

  2. Ohhhhh just stop with the useless property beg 'n builds!


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