Sep 27, 2015

Urban Assault 12 Walkthrough


The 12th Urban Assault Missions are now available to all players. All Missions are shown below. We have 10 days to complete it. The loot rewards can be found here.

Job Tasks

Fight Tasks
Property Tasks
Arena Tasks
War Tasks
Robbing Tasks
Loot Item Task
Begging Task

Los Angeles


  1. These kind of posts are so very useful. Thank you LL and Co. Ummm, aren't there 2 begging tasks? That's what I've got.

  2. Yes, thank you! Helps to know what parts I need and where the jobs that I can only do once a day are.

  3. thank you for all the work you do for us

  4. Thank you for this. Very useful. Sadly I think #17 means I'll probably be unable to complete this, as ices are now so much harder to get.

  5. You don't have to complete EVERYTHING to get to the reward stations and the loot. Do as much as you can :)

  6. Loot drop is really bad in all jobs that require loot in order to finish, particularly a Mexican job that is required for us to get the Target. I doubt I will finish this mission. I agree with the last commenter that we could do as much as we can. Thank you for the walkthough page, MWLL>


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