Sep 27, 2015

Offshore Turfs 6


The 6th Offshore Turfs is the 45th Secret District in Mafia Wars and is now available. I absolutely hate this lay out of Secret Districts and it's just ridiculous that they keep placing it with the Urban Assault Missions. On top of the Limited Time Property, Overlords Boss Fights, Arena Smashup and Job Board, it's a bit much. The more recycled boring stuff that Zynga releases at the same time, the less I want to play this game. That's just me, some people may love it and play more. Thankfully the option to skip events is always there. It's funny that buried in with all the events is a banner promoting the VIP Membership Program. I was thinking about renewing but this made the decision very easy. Because I despise this event so much I won't be doing a walkthrough. Check our fan page for updates if you're interested and go here to see the loot items. Thanks to Niels J. Plougmann for posting job images with ratios on our fan page [1].


  1. The only reason I do any of this event is to get skill points. I have no intention of completing the districts.

  2. Ahh... I see it's Sunday again :D You can always tell when it's Sunday. Even though it feels more like Christmas Eve, lol (because we alwasy seem to have a tonne of events JUST when Christmas Eve hits) Or, maybe this is just our typical day in the insane World of Zyngacraft :P There's a game for you... we already have The Bots, The Humans (although they are almost extinct) and The Orcs (Zynganoids) :P lol

  3. I haven't got as far with LA yet to even think about completing Urban Assault, so this will do instead.

  4. I'm with you on despising the event :) I do a few of the non offshore jobs for the skill point but never bother with offshore anymore. I choose to ignore most except I like Urban assault for the skillpoints and loot.
    Why do people say they havent got to LA yet? just complete levels to bronze to open the next level. There is lots of money to be had in fighting and LA jobs at bronze level don't take too much energy. There are more other cities in the UA as well.

  5. I haven't gone far enough in LA yet because it makes more sense to farm consumables at bronze level.

    I would dispute that there is any money to be had from fighting in LA. I rarely get enough to bank from emptying my whole stamina into LA fighting.

    As often, it's what we always used to say on the internet: YMMV.


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