Sep 9, 2015

Rigged Operation Secret District Walkthrough


The 44th Secret District is called Rigged Operation and is based in Brazil.  The ratios aren’t that great and this Secret District doesn’t have much to offer once you master it and get the 2 loot items and +56 skill points. The details for this Secret District are shown below.

The ratios for each job in each district as well as the consumables and currency requirements are shown below. The best ratio is 2.400 and believe it or not, it doesn't require a consumable! It does require currency but I'm more than happy to have something to spend the millions and millions of Real on. Platinum+ VIP subscribers will earn an additional 1% mastery per job click. If 2X Mastery Boosts are used, they will get an additional 2%.

Job Mastery
Tranquilizer Dart
1 8% -- 1.895 1.955 2.016 2.015        ++
2 9% 2.006 2.071 2.135 2.134

3 8% -- 1.863 1.923 1.983 1.982
4 7% 2.004 2.070 2.135 2.134
5 9% 2.190 2.263 2.335 2.334
6 6% 2.002 2.068 2.134 2.134

7 7% -- 2.054 2.123 2.191 2.190
8 5% 2.251 2.327 2.400 2.400
9 4% 2.003 2.068 2.135 2.134

The consumable item is the Tranquilizer Dart. This item can be farmed by doing the 1st job or it can be gifted via the Free Gift system. You can also ask for them via the feeds if you have less than 5 in your inventory. To do that hover over the item on the boss fight banner. If you have more than 5 than it won't let you ask. These items are required for jobs #5 and #9 and can also be used as boss fight ammo. Without any bonuses, boosts or extra mastery, you need 148 to fully master the district jobs.
The 4 items that drop from jobs are shown below.
Acquiring 10, 25 and 50 of the first 3 items shown above will earn you +5 attack, +5 defense and +10 skill points. The 4th and rare item isn’t shown on the tracker because it doesn’t count.
To track the rare loot item, use the Inventory Grouper. I just use the freestyle search and type in Clownface. These seem to drop about 1 per every 100 or so jobs (on the ruby level). I didn't get data from the lower levels but it will probably take more jobs. With the decent ratio, it might be better to farm on the higher levels.
The Boss is Tias Lima and you can use stamina or ammo to defeat her. The health levels are 3,500, 7,000, 15,000 and 30,000 for the bronze, silver, gold and ruby levels. Despite the ‘It’s a whole new boss fight!’ shown in the instructions, this boss fight as been the same since Carlo The Coach which was 28 Secret Districts ago [1].
If you are going to use ammo the 3 combos are listed below.
To get the both mastery items you need to defeat the boss and master all the jobs for each level. You only get to keep the items with the highest level of mastery.
The reward item for defeating Tias Lima is a Roughneck. 
When you defeat the Boss AND master all jobs the mastery item which is a Australasian Osprey.
Upon completion, you can reset and remaster the the Rigged Operation Secret District for 50 reward points. You can do this up to 3 times. You won't be able to get the loot drop skill point bonuses again but will get +36 skill points and a boss fight and mastery item. If you don't care about loot, it's not really a good deal. The purchase button is close enough to the 2X Loot Boost request button and many players often complain of accidental clicks. Screen jumping can cause you to hit this button if you ask for 2X Loot Boosts. To prevent that from happening, check the Reward Point Protection feature in the Spockholm Toolbar.


  1. I've completed all jobs and defeated Tias Lima, but it hasn't advanced me to the silver level for some unknown reason other than a glitch on Zynga's part.

    1. It's a bug. All you need to do is click on each job one time. If you ask for help on jobs, it sometimes doesn't register that it's completed. Clicking on it will make it register and advance you.

  2. This district was a joke. Took me a day and a couple of hours to complete all levels. Fasted trip from nothing to ruby level ever! I suspect there was a glitch with fighting the boss too. It seemed like fighting her was a fast way to keep leveling up. A couple of clicks and I may not have defeated her, yet, but would level up time and time again. Renewing my energy and making it a snap to finish every task. All I used was pure stamina, none of the fight items. Defeating her wasn't hard, and I was in no hurry as not doing it in one shot gave me all those level ups!

  3. The drop rate for the Clownface is horrendous. You might have gotten 1 every 100 clicks, but my rate is more like 1 every 500.

    1. I'm farming them on Ruby, That could be why. With the ratio of the one job being so good it makes more sense (if you serial level) to go to ruby.

  4. I'm getting that rate on gold. Not a serial leveler, so I was trying to get the same xp ratio for less energy. If it doesn't improve, I might have to try ruby. As bad as the drop rate is for me curremtly, it couldn't hurt.

  5. Do you who have done farming on this find the different jobs drop the loot at different levels? I'm wanting to farm the clowface, don't need to do the best job to level, so if one of the other jobs drops more loot, that's the info I'm looking for. Thanks if anyone can help!


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