Sep 9, 2015

Family Business 13 Walkthrough


The 13th Family Business Mission is more of the same, there are 30 Missions in total with 15 requiring energy and 15 requiring stamina. The number of required tasks (and rewards) will vary from family to family depending on size and other unknown variables [1]. The FAQ can be found here but it’s not updated and is for one of the previous Missions. Part 3 of the Muscle Path is brutal. Loot drops in the Arena are never a good thing because in order to get items you need to use a certain amount of stamina. As shown below, the requirements of this task are extremely high regardless of what bracket your family falls into. The smallest bracket requires 960 loot drops and the largest 16,000! Accounts that can't deliver much stamina per Arena won't be able to contribute and it may be a challenge to get past this. All Mission parts, rewards, jobs and consumables required are shown below. Thanks to Jo Gilliam for making this walkthrough possible and fun!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Job List 

Job 1: London District 2
Job 2: Chicago District 2 (Loot Drop)
Job 3: Brazil District 2
Job 4: Los Angeles District 4
Job 5: Mexico District 3
Job 6: London District 4 (Loot Drop)
Job 7: Mexico District 7
Job 8: Brazil District 6 (Consumable)
Job 9: Chicago District 4 (super bad ratio!)
Job 10: Los Angeles District 3
Job 11: Brazil District 8 (loot drop)
Job 12: London District 9 (consumable)
Job 13: Los Angeles District 5
Job 14: Chicago District 6 (consumable X2 & loot drop)
Job 15: Mexico District 9 (loot drop)

Consumable List

Job 8: Farm in Brazil District 3
Job 12: Farm in London District 9
Job 14: Farm in Chicago District 6 (2 required per job)
Reward Loot

Milestone Items
Mastery Item


  1. I can't believe the drop rate for the stupid footfall is that low and it's in shootout which sucks for healing

  2. unvelible the low rate in arena. Deal damage in Shootout Arena to loot 6880 Footfall.

  3. I have 350k+ stamina been running for 2 days straight and looted 11

  4. We'll never get through the Footfalls, family of 51, we need over 7k and only half way there. This will be the first Family Business mission we will not complete , very sad.


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