Aug 11, 2015

New Family Boss Fight: Retribution


The 24th Family Boss is now available to be unlocked. This is the 7th Boss Fight to be turned into an event and you have to take out 4 other bosses before reaching the final and resident boss. In addition to the loot rewards shown below, families will also get Family Experience for defeating the boss. The rewards and combos are also shown below. Stay tuned for a follow up post introducing the final boss.




  1. Yes, no thank you. Zynga has done run out of ideas as it has shown with the same repeated events over and over.I am at the point they could shut it down and I wouldn't fret over it. Until then, yes I keep playing in hopes someday they would wise up and see the players side

  2. My family did the last one but when we got to the last "Boss" the game would reset as soon as we reached just under 100,000 xp left. I say reset but it actually would go to zero and not give up the Family xp. After it did this once we tried it again and it did the same thing so we decided not to bother. We are a small actual family group so the xp makes a difference but I'm hesitant to try again if that's the end result.


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